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Sale of Stud Bolts

Since 2015 the „Club of Steam friends of RhB“ is collecting donation funds for the RHÆTIA. For such activities the club did not only “open the hand” but sold (symbolically) parts of the steam boiler. Out of these first activities a few stud bolts are still available.

What means stud bolts? Such bolts are inside the steam boiler of the engine and are spacer bars between fire box and boiler wall, having a stabilizing function for the boiler. During their lifetime they remain inside the water and are vulnerable against corrosion, mainly when the water will be removed during time of none-operation.

The RHÆTIA has a total of 290 stud bolts, out of which 238 have already been sold.
The stud bolts are offered at a price of CHF 70.00 each.

Such stud bolts can be bought symbolically by means of the donation form.
Remark: (number of) Stud Bolts


Planskizze mit den Stehbolzen

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