Rhaetia 1

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On 25. January 2021

939'940  of 940'000 Swiss Francs


Welcome to the RHAETIA, our Number 1


For the Celts in the western part of the Eastside Alps RHÆTIA was a “Mother Goddess”. For us, the members of the Bündner railway clubs, RHÆTIA is our Number 1, the first and oldest steam engine of Rhätische Bahn AG. It is the great ambition of the Bündner railway clubs to bring this technical monument back into motion again and to use it as an important witness of the founding period of Rhätische Bahn, together with matching historical Trains.


For this purpose the Project Group RHÆTIA was inaugurated . The group represents engaged members of the “Club of steam friends of Rhätische Bahn”, of the “Club 1889” and of the umbrella association “Historic RhB”.
The aim of the project group is to generate funds on a voluntary basis, to create wide attention for this Bündner monument and to assist technically the restoration work at the mainworkshop of RhB at Landquart. Each and every Swiss Franc will be utilized for the restoration activities.



Aufarbeitung Wasserhähne

Work started on valve panel of „RHAETIA“

Work started on the „holy“ valve panel of „RHAETIA“ ...

Aufarbeitung Wasserhähne

Precision work starts for „RHAETIA“

Last week a euro pallet arrived...

Checkübergabe Beitrag Märklin/LGB

An amicable cheque handover by LGB

An amicable cheque arrived in Switzerland ...

LGB's "Coal" has arrived

Last week this "Coal" - 20.000 Euro - arrived at Graubünden. ...

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