Rhaetia 1

Updating of the Fund Raising Barometer

On March 16, 2019 the Project Team RHÆTIA for the first time was allowed to update the fund raising barometer of the “Coal locomotive”.

The hitherto existing three briquettes were supplemented by additional four. As such the barometer shows newly 350.000 CHF. The unveiling was carried out by Thomas Gryslak, a former drugstore owner of Vaduz. Gryslak is the first “donation champion”. He has collected during the last week of 2018 at his former workplace in the drugstore APODRO at Vaduz around 2.500 CHF for the project RHÆTIA. At present the highest donation originates from the Doris-Baeder-Gabriel foundation in Oberengadin.

The updating of the donation barometer was used by the project team to pass in review the last five months. The members of the project team have, in their opinion, been through five intensive, thrilling and satisfying months, with very positive feedback.      

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