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Boiler transport

The first major milestone in our restoration project has been completed. The boiler, including firebox, was loaded onto a road transport in Landquart on Friday 10th December 2021 and left Switzerland destined for the UK the same day. The truck arrived safely at its destination on 13th December and the next day the boiler was unloaded and checked for transport damage. The logistics though went to plan and no damage was to be found.

 In Great Britain, more precisely in Norfolk, the boiler will be overhauled in the workshops of the North Norfolk Railway (NNR) and the firebox will be renewed (in accordance with conservation guidelines). The goal is to return the overhauled and tested boiler, complete with new firebox, to Landquart in around 15 months. The old firebox from 1889 will also be returned for preservation as a museum piece.

The project in Great Britain is being monitored on site by employees from Swiss Railway Services (SRS). They will support us in quality assurance, project reporting and translations, acting as an interface to the Rhaetian Railway and the project group.

Impressions in Norfolk at Thuesday 14.12.2021

Ankunft in Norfolk bei der NNR

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