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An amicable cheque handover by LGB

Representatives of the German Modelrailroad Producer LGB meet with RhB representatives annually in order to discuss new products.

Last Friday it was time again. However, this time the Göppingen people, namely the LGB product manager Andreas Schumann and the Märklin managing director Wolfrad Bächle brought along two presents:

For one thing they handed over to RhB director Renato Fasciati a model of Ge4/4 II „Filisur“ („Coal loco“) and on the other hand they presented to the leader of project group „RHAETIA“, Christian Meyer, the symbolic cheque for the donation money which was transferred in July of this year already.

An all-round successful sign of friendship and cooperation in the meaning of RhB loco No. 1 and between 1:1 and 1:22,5 gauge railroaders.


Photo of the cheque-presentation: Patrick Cavelti

Checkübergabe von Ge 4/4 II der RhB
von links nach rechts: Christian Meyer (Projektgruppenleiter «RHÆTIA»), Wolfrad Bächle (Geschäftsführer Märklin), Renato Fasciati (Direktor RhB), Andreas Schumann (Produktmanager LGB)

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