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Home office for the Projekt Group

Same as all others, associations are affected by the present pandemic virus crisis (COVID-19) and have to reduce their activities drastically. For the moment Club life and work at the workshops had to be reduced to a minimum.

This has prompted the technical leader of the project group “RHAETIA”, Armin Brüngger, to perform smaller, pending tasks at home. As such he has – at “Home-Office” or better at “Home-Workshop” – revised and polished the loco whistle of “RHAETIA”.

Thus the second workpiece of “RHAETIA” has been revised, after the V-measuring device (speedometer) a year ago.The stamped-in No. “1” refers to the loco number. This is the prove that it definitely concerns the original pipe of “RHAETIA” of 1889. The oldest pipe of Rhätische Bahn is shining in its original brilliance.

The following pictures visualize the result. It is not the “insignias of a Roman emperor” but the whistle of the oldest steam engine of Graubünden!

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