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News about the Fund-Raising Locomotive, on tour for our No. 1

"RHAETIA” Donation Locomotive on tour for one year

 Ge4/4 616 “Filisur”, also called “Coal Locomotive”, is campaigning for one year, since November 9, 2018, for fund raising for steam engine No. 1 “RHAETIA”.

 On occasion of the roll-out, a year ago, the sponsoring barometer was filled with three briquettes, in March 2019 four more were added, corresponding to a total of donations of 350.000 CHF.

Beginning of December it is time to fill again briquettes into the “coal box” of the donation locomotive. “Filisur” will at that time go through a periodical check at the Central Depot of RhB. Small repairs will be carried out and the foliation has to be restored.

 This will be a good opportunity to present to the public the current status of the fund collection.

 You may be anxious and curious to see the result!

Rollout der Ge 4/4 II Nr. 616 «Filisur» am 09. November 2019; Foto Christian Ticar

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