Rhaetia 1

Coal from Prättigau and from Davos

The Regional Association of Prättigau / Davos supports the fund raising campaign “RHAETIA”

The Project Group “RHAETIA” is delighted by the support received for the oldest subject of Prättigau from its homeland.

The Regional Association Prättigau / Davos supports “RHAETIA” with 25.000 CHF. This corresponds to about 1 CHF per tax payer.

With this generous gesture the communities of the county help to preserve a unique cultural asset of Canton Graubünden for next generations.

 Prior to the fund raising tour of September 29, the amount in form of a cheque was presented to the project group “RHAETIA” by the Regional Developer Georg Fromm.

 Georg Fromm, in a short, fine address referred to the material and immaterial value of the railway in the region Prättigau / Davos and emphasized its importance for posterity. This exciting engagement for economic, touristic and social reasons contributes sustainably not only to the future of Prättigau but also to the Canton of Graubünden.

 A great Thankyou to the regional association, to the communities of Prättigau and to the county Davos as well as to all inhabitants along the “Narrowgauge Railway Landquart – Davos”.

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