Rhaetia 1

“RHAETIA” is supported by Canton Graubünden

The application for financial assistance to the Office of Preservation on behalf of Canton Graubünden was approved.

In media news of August 22, 2019 Canton Graubünden announced that the oldest steam engine of Graubünden will be supported financially. This was registered favorably by regional and national media. The articles and reports are listed here in accordance with various topics, however without any claim to completeness of the articles.

The Government informs of the following: “RHAETIA”

The Government is assuring the association “historic RhB” a Canton contribution of maximum 160.000 CHF for the restoration of steam engine No. 1 “RHAETIA”. The total cost for this project will be around 938.000 CHF. Steam engine No. 1 “RHAETIA” was the first locomotive in the rolling stock of Rhätische Bahn (RhB), respectively in its predecessor company “Landquart – Davos Railway”. 1889 “RHAETIA” pulled the opening train from Landquart to Klosters. As early as 1928 it was reserved for a later national train museum and since 1970 it was used again for steam trips. It is unique for Switzerland that RhB in addition to the locomotive can provide a complete composition of two passenger coaches and a freight car originating from the founder years. Being one of the oldest locomotives, largely preserved in its original condition, it is of high technical, economical and industrial historical value and the historic flaggship of Rhätische Bahn.

On account of age related technical damages “RHAETIA” could not be used anymore since 2014. The comprehensive restoration starting now will be carried out under utmost protection of the original substance, in order to prepare the 130 year old locomotive for operation for many decades to come.

The work will be carried out at the specialized main workshop of the associations, engaged already with the preservation of the historic rolling stock.

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