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A wheel of fortune for «RHÆTIA»

It was a happy day with the wheel of fortune for our Project Group “RHÆTIA”:

On occasion of the RhB-Train Festival at Bergün from June 8 to June 10, 2019 money was collected from all sides very successfully for the restoration project :

  • in the festive restaurant of the Albula Bergün Train Museum about 900 bottles of Beer No. 1 were sold
  • the wheel of fortune at the historic-RhB-stand, sponsered by Champex-Linden-model toy shop at Dormagen (D) rotated contineously: around 800 CHF were collected
  • a small auction during which, amongst others, paintings out of a heritage were put on auction finally yielded a sum of 5.000 CHF for steam engine RHÆTIA, after it was rounded up by the Train Museum Bergün Foundation.

The respective cheque was presented to two members of the Project Group RHÆTIA by train museum Director Roman Sommer and the President of the Foundation Reto Crameri on Sunday afternoon.

For the Project Group RHÆTIA it obviously is a great declaration of belief of all partners and visitors of the Festival in the oldest steam engine of Rhätische Bahn.

At this point a great “Thank You” to all supporters.

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