Rhaetia 1

“Coal”-locomotive in gauge 1:22,5

The German model rail manufacturer LGB produces weatherproof rail models in gauge IIm (1:22,5) since 50 years. This year the Märklin owned company, which excellently promotes RhB indoor and outdoor throughout the world, celebrated its 50-year anniversary with numerous activities in Graubünden in cooperation with RhB.

At the beginning of the birthday celebration mid of the year LGB presented itself with an own anniversary promotion locomotive “50 years LGB”. It means that their model Ge4/4 II 617 “Ilanz” was decorated with a beautiful promotion incentive. At the end of the anniversary, on November 30, 2018, the LGB fans got another surprise. First the meanwhile 60 year old RhB locomotive Ge 6/6 II 702 “Curia” was decorated with the inscription “60 years – 6 million Kilometer”. Moreso the prototype of a new model was presented: Our donation locomotive Ge 4/4 II 616 “Filisur”, also known as “Coal locomotive” will be produced and sold. The best of all is that 50 Euro of each model sold will go into the donation fund for steam engine RHÆTIA

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