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Welcome to RHÆTIA, our N°1 locomotive


For the ancient Celts who once lived in this western region of the Swiss Alps, ‘Rätia’ was revered as a mother god. For the members of the Bündner railway ‘Club 1889’, RHÆTIA is revered as ‘N° 1’, she is the very first and thereby the oldest locomotive of the Rhaetian Railway. It is the goal of the Graubünden railway associations to restore this historically important artifact to working order and to present the locomotive in action as an icon from the founding era of the Rhaetian Railway.


The ‘RHÆTIA’ project group has been created for this purpose and is in turn itself supported by dedicated members of "Club of steam friends of Rhätische Bahn" and the "Club 1889", the RhB steam supporter’s group) together with the historic association of the Rhaetian Railway. The project group has raised and will manage the funding on a voluntary basis. They will continue to bring the project to the media’s attention and also provide technical support to the restoration activities in the workshops of the RhB in Landquart. Every Franc donated goes solely to the restoration work.

The fundraising campaign was officially completed on March 12th 2021 with the financial goal being successfully achieved.

The technical restoration phase may now begin and regular updates here will allow you to follow our progress.



Workshop Report Jan/Feb 2022

Workshop Progress Report January / February 2022

Following delivery of Rhàtia’s boiler to England ...

19 Briketts sind da

Boiler transport

The first major milestone in our restoration project has been completed...

Aufarbeitung Wasserhähne

Work started on valve panel of „RHAETIA“

Work started on the „holy“ valve panel of „RHAETIA“ ...

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