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On 19. September 2019

437'535 of 940'000 Swiss Francs


Welcome to the RHAETIA, our Number 1


For the Celts in the western part of the Eastside Alps RHÆTIA was a “Mother Goddess”. For us, the members of the Bündner railway clubs, RHÆTIA is our Number 1, the first and oldest steam engine of Rhätische Bahn AG. It is the great ambition of the Bündner railway clubs to bring this technical monument back into motion again and to use it as an important witness of the founding period of Rhätische Bahn, together with matching historical Trains.


For this purpose the Project Group RHÆTIA was inaugurated . The group represents engaged members of the “Club of steam friends of Rhätische Bahn”, of the “Club 1889” and of the umbrella association “Historic RhB”.
The aim of the project group is to generate funds on a voluntary basis, to create wide attention for this Bündner monument and to assist technically the restoration work at the mainworkshop of RhB at Landquart. Each and every Swiss Franc will be utilized for the restoration activities.



Great fund raising trip with steam engine „Heidi“

September 28/29, 2019, With “Heidi” for “RHAETIA” on tour...

Demontage Kessel

The dismantling of “RHÆTIA” begun

The 2. act of restoration begun, the dismantling of “RHÆTIA”...

Übergabe Spenden

A wheel of fortune for «RHÆTIA»

It was a happy day with the wheel of fortune...

«No. 1 RHAETIA»-Bier der Brauerei aus Feldis

Our Beer No. 1 is available

Cheers! You will like it!...

Next Events

24. + 25. August 2019 Town Festival Schiers


 The RHAETIA Donators-Express will visit the Valley Festival in Prättigau from August 24 to 25, 2019.

 More infos and details will follow...

September 28/29, 2019, With “Heidi” for “RHAETIA” on tour

A very special fund raising trip!

 On Saturday/Sunday, September 28/29, the “Project Group RHAETIA” is organizing two fund raising trips with steam engine “Heidi” of 1902 pulling a historical train composition, in favour of RhB-steam engine No. 1 “RHAETIA”. The first trip leads from Samedan via Filisur to Davos, the second one on the following day from Davos via Klosters to Landquart. During both tours two photo stops will be arranged.

Top-class event with Founders Train

The train is promising a slowmotion-RhB-founders train-feeling of top-class:

On both days steam engine “Heidi” of 1902 will pull historical first- and third-class wagons of 1889 to 1903 with a speed of mostly 30 km/h across the Albula, via Zügenschlucht and across Wolfgang through four valley communities:

Engadin – Albula valley – Landwasser valley – Prättigau

A visual treat will be the addition to the train of C.32. of LD of 1889 with its original hand-painting!
With this nostalgic steam train the wonderful landscape can be experienced in an intensive new way.

The train composition
The train composition comprises of following vehicles:

  • Steam engine “Heidi” of 1902
  • Two-axle III. Class B 2060 of 1906
  • Two-axle III. Class C.32. of 1889
  • Two-axle I. Class A1102 of 1903
  • Two-axle Baggage car F4004 of 1896 (Bar wagon)

The Beer on board
In the Bar wagon F4004, besides some small snacks and beverages, the donation-beer “No. 1” will be served. Beer No. 1 is a bottle-fermented beer of the cooperative brewery “Domleschger Beer” based at Feldis. The net proceeds of the sales will go into the “RHAETIA” donation box.

The music band on board
For the first time in history the “Wooden Class Soloists”, the trio of Club 1889, will act up at a number of selected locations during the trips.

The Board Magazine
Specifically for the trips the Club Steam Friends of RhB and Club 1889 will publish together the Board Magazine “Fund raising tour-special edition” in the style of “Engadiner Dampfpost”. It includes the detailed time-table, information concerning the train and offers provided in the train – all in the layout of “Bündner Post” of 1890. 

Special Guests
Inspite of short notice we can look forward to some very special guests, dressed up matching to the train and planning to enjoy the trip from Samedan to Davos in special style.

It is kindly requested to show respect and polite manners towards those travellers of former times ……

Time table
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Departure Samedan: 12.20 hours   Arrival Davos: 17.00 hours

Sunday, September 29, 2019
Departure Davos Platz: 12.05 hours    Arrival Landquart: 17.57 hours 

Ticket prices
The prices of this exquisite train event are as follows:

  • I Class ticket for one day :

Fr. 100,00 for adults

Fr. 60,00 for children (6 – 16 years)

  • III Class ticket for one day:

Fr. 70,00 for adults

Fr. 40,00 for children (6 - 16 years)

The net proceeds of the two trips will go into the donation box of “RHAETIA”.

For booking; www.bahnoldtimer.com

Changes of the time table and changes of the train composition are reserved.

Course map of the RHAETIA Donators-Express

course map